About general guidance

If you wish to join a free trial lesson, please make an appointment in advance by phone or email.

When we received your favorite time and date, we will set the lesson as much as following your request, sometimes may ask some alternative.
Please fill out the downloaded membership application.
The membership application form can be obtained and printed from clicking the download icon below.

Download Membership Application Form

About special coaching

Short-term intensive courses

If you wish to have a short-term intensive lesson or for a person who lives in abroad, Komeikan has the following options.
Please feel free to send us your request by E-mail describing your personal Karate career and which course you prefer.

  1. ①Basic course
  2. ②Kata course
  3. ③Teaching Karate training method course
  • ◇All of the above are short-term intensive courses.
  • ◇We will respond individually for the training period, the number of training days, costs and fees, etc.
  • ◇Komeikan issues a certificate when the course is over. Komeikan sets forth the rule for person who wishes to have Komeikan Member ship card.
  • ◇Komeikan announces the person’s name on its home page when the person has successfully finished the course.
  • ◇If a person wishes to be promoted Dan or Kyu grade, Komeikan will issue a certificate, following the result of its deliberation and examination at the Komeikan.

For person who wishes a long-term coaching

  • ◇Komeikan supplies the same training course for domestic students.
  • ◇A certificate of Dan or Kyu grade will be issued.
  • ◇If a person has obtained it, who’s name and short personal history will be posted on the Komeikan’ home page

If for a person you wises to have a special training seminar in abroad

  • ◇Or please contact us with detailed your information and the name of the organization which you are joining.

About Karate uniforms

Please feel free to contact us purchasing Karate belts and uniforms.
You can also contact Nakamuraya, general martial art gear shop, phone # 0428-22-4471

Nakamuraya phone # 0428-22-4471

Caution in the Dojo

Please read through the dojo rules on the attached sheet and respect each close.
No food or drinks are allowed in the Dojo.
There is a changing room, please take your valuables and foods in there, not in the Dojo. You have a responsibility to keep your personal precious things.