From the director of Komeikan

Takashi Miyagi (1919-2008), the eldest son of Chojun Miyagi (1888-1953) who is the second head of Karate Goju Ryu established and named Komeikan in 1955 on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the founder’s death. “Komei” means to explain the significance and to study the reason of things & to make it clear.

After the death of his father, Takashi studied diligently to explore the way of Karate in depth and clarify the truth, and devoted his life to spread orthodox Goju Ryu based on the founder's guiding principles. Until passing away at the age of 89, he practiced karate to maintain his own health and clarified its benefits as a mental and physical training method.

The founder, Chojun who is my grandfather, tried to establish Okinawa's traditional “Te” as a modern karate. For this, he strictly defined each technique that had been handed down orally to limited masters secretly as “Reasonable” physical movement, and explained “showing correct direction of Te” which is flexible defense and offence by the philosophical principles of “Goju (hard and soft)”.

What I always try to do in Karate training is that “reasonable”. At the Head of Goju Ryu Komeikan, we are practicing on the theme of “tradition and creation” through all kinds of exercises, from preparatory exercise (hard and soft gymnastics) to form performances and to Kumite.

Toru Miyagi
Director, Komeikan